The global ribbon cable market is expected to exceed $4.37 billion by 2025


Industry Dynamics



Technology market research firm The Insight Partners to released ribbon cable market research report, in 2025, The global ribbon cable size of The market is expected to reach $4.37 billion, while compound annual increase rate of 8.9%.

Currently, ribbon cables are commonly used for indoor applications such as telecommunication machine rooms, data centers, buildings and servers. Compared with the outdoor application, the application of indoor damage risk is low, so the dry fiber ribbon cable in great demand, because they don't need to do a gel filled to provide additional waterproof protection.

By using the sound or data modulated light signal and using the total internal reflection (TIR), the physical properties of the optical fiber sent through the optical fiber are known as the ribbon cable technology. By 2025, the increased deployment of data centers around the world has led to increased use of ribbon cable communications. The technology of real-time data transmission requires the transmission of high-bandwidth media, while high-bandwidth demands are realized by ribbon fiber cable.

In the future, because of big trends such as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of things, ribbon cable will explode in the era of Internet data explosion. Based on its unique advantages, traditional copper cables are being replaced by fiber optic cables.