The Seventh Employee Sports Of Changfeng Group


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In order to enrich the spare time of employees and enhance the physical and psychological qualities of the general staff and workers and create a "healthy, united and harmonious" working atmosphere, Changfeng conducted the 7th Staff Sports Games from December 13 to December 22 Series of activities.

In order to broaden participation, especially front-line employees, the company carefully designed each activity item and selected the talented employees such as tug of war tug of war, team triathlon, backgammon, fun ring, skipping rope . In many competitions, the number of team triathlon to the most popular, the game uses a combination of three forms of small game: shuttlecock, pinball, balloon, 3 division of labor, each completed a project to complete the project The shortest winning time. Contest set up simple, everyone can participate, fun and sports integration, and test the team with the degree of match live applause, laughter, cheers one after another, brilliant, to the cold early winter into a warm, to the dull Work has brought endless fun.

Other competitions are wonderful again and again, the players one by one gearing up, struggling in the game. The company also actively prepared for athletes to participate in the Games generous prizes, cheers in a piece of cheer and cheer, the contestants all go well.

The Games not only demonstrated the solidarity and courage of the Changfeng people, but also demonstrated the vigorous and never-failing pride of Changfeng people. In the future work, they will also devote their efforts to work and study In to create more brilliant and achievements.