Changfeng Group's 2017 Annual Sales Conference Was Successfully Held


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Changfeng Cable Co., Ltd. held its Annual Sales Conference on December 30, 2017. The meeting was held in Golden Lion International Hotel in Cangzhou, participants including sales representatives across the country, corporate management staff, representatives from Jiayilun Copper Process Co., Ltd, Hebei Casto Building Materials Development Co., LTD. Also invited Shaheqiao government secretary Shi Lisbo, mayor Zhang Zhaohui, chairman of the Town People's Congress Qin Junfeng.

2017 is a rough year for many cable practitioner, in the meantime 2017 is also a year full of challenges and hopes. Even in a harsh market environment with rising raw material prices, Changfeng Group always focus on the quality, through our unremitting efforts, the annual sales revenue up 20% compared with last year's, and tax payment is become the No.1 in the town!

During the conference, the sales representatives of each branch conducted a summary report of year 2017. Wang Dongqi, the chairman of the board of directors, conducted an analysis and summary of the sales and pointed out respective objectives in 2018. At the meeting, secretary Shi and Mr. Zhang delivered an important speech, they commended that Changfeng Group has been able to keep making progress in the industry with the constant support and efforts of all staffs. More importantly, Changfeng always insists on Quality First, the principle of good faith management. They encourage Changfeng to persevere, go forward step by step, and Changfeng Group will be bigger and better.

At the end of the conference, the company prepared an exciting lottery for everyone. With the bursts of laughter, 2017 Changfeng Group Annual Sales Conference was successfully concluded.