China's first 10 Gigabit European and European cable officially opened: Beijing to Germany delay as low as 100 milliseconds


Industry Dynamics



From the computer network information center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on January 14, China Science and Technology Cloud officially opened the first 10 Gigabit low-latency Central European cable line in China.

Since then, the end-to-end delay of scientific data transmission traffic from Beijing to Frankfurt has been as low as one hundred milliseconds, which is only half of the transmission delay of the original submarine cable line. It is the scientific research line with the lowest delay and the highest bandwidth for scientific data transmission between Chinese scientific research institutions and European scientific research institutions.

It is reported that the line is a high-speed scientific research network jointly funded and jointly built by China Science and Technology Cloud and European Research Network GEANT.

China Science and Technology Cloud is debugging IPv6 routing on this line, and the fast transmission service of IPv6 research traffic between China and Europe will be opened soon.

The opening of the China-Europe high-speed scientific research line will greatly enhance the efficiency of scientific research data transmission between Chinese and European research institutions, and provide a world-class data transmission platform for in-depth cooperation between China and Europe in space science, high-energy physics, meteorological forecasting, astronomical joint testing and many other scientific research fields.