Aluminum alloy cable connection using copper and aluminum transition terminal is safe and reliable?


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Connection terminals are aluminum alloy cable safety, no hidden danger of the application of the key. Aluminum cable into China only six or seven years time, because before the Chinese market, there is no aluminum alloy cable products, so there is no special supporting the performance of the aluminum alloy cable is connected with the specialized use for connecting aluminum cable terminal products. At present, when using aluminum alloy cables in the domestic market, it is impossible to provide the special aluminum alloy copper connection terminals which are consistent with the performance of the aluminum alloy cables to be connected, and all the copper-aluminum transition terminals originally used for connecting the aluminum cables are mistakenly selected and some manufacturers The so-called micro-alloy terminal just introduced to improve the terminal conductivity.

This is a very unscientific application, is the wrong cognition. Because the aluminum alloy cable is to solve the shortcomings and defects of pure aluminum cable, especially the poor creep resistance and other defects invented, but used in connection with the original aluminum cable for aluminum and aluminum transition terminal, the aluminum part of the same There is all the defects of pure aluminum, the entire connection scheme because of the aluminum and aluminum alloy cable performance inconsistencies in the presence of so-called high conductivity micro-alloy, the advantages and the value of the aluminum alloy cable can not be demonstrated and reflected, with the direct use of aluminum cable has What is the difference? This connection is extremely unreasonable, wrong, there are security risks.

Aluminum alloy cable in the application of the error is the application of technical problems can not be avoided in the industry, which is related to the security, no hidden dangers, the correct application of aluminum cables, the real aluminum cable back to its original strengths and values.