China's semiconductor lighting industry in 2020 the overall output value of 1 trillion yuan


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Recently, we learned from the fourteenth China International Forum on Semiconductor Lighting and the 2017 Third Generation Semiconductor Forum that at present, China has become the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of semiconductor lighting products. Experts call for China's semiconductor lighting to speed up the cultivation of industry innovation and competitiveness, speeding up the leap from big to strong.

China's semiconductor lighting industry in 2020 the overall output value of 1 trillion yuan

In China, with the construction of smart cities flourishing everywhere, smart lighting is expected to become the next outlet of the Internet of Things. At the same time, more and more national brands LED companies have adopted mergers and acquisitions, etc. have to the international market, bigger and stronger. Semiconductor lighting industry bright front road.


The industry generally believe that at present it is our country from the semiconductor lighting industry power to the transformation of a crucial period, only by active innovation and change in order to meet the future earlier. It is necessary to be soberly aware that there is still a gap between China and the developed countries in lighting high-end technology, product innovation and the application of the equipment manufacturing market. Prior to Philips lighting "group v." China lighting enterprises, exposed the core technology is the lack of.


In the 19th CPC National Congress report, strengthening the building of a national innovation system and strengthening the strength of strategic science and technology have been put in an important position. Not long ago, the "semiconductor lighting industry," Thirteen Five "development plan proposed that by 2020, China's semiconductor lighting continued breakthroughs in key technologies, product mix continued to optimize. Through continuous expansion in the field of application and the continuous regulation of the market environment, the semiconductor lighting industry will lay a solid foundation for power.