The development direction of the flexible cable industry


Technical Information



Flexible cable industry in China is second only to the second largest industry in the automotive industry, in recent years the copper consumption accounts for 60%, domestic copper consumption - 86%, development and change of wire and cable industry directly affect the domestic refined copper demand, and ultimately affect the price trend. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the current situation and characteristics of China's wire and cable industry, analyze its future development trend, and forecast the demand for copper in the future.

  Flexible cable is used for power transmission and distribution, power transmission, voice, text, images, and other information dissemination and lighting in the field of a large class of electronic products, various types of motor, electrical equipment, instruments indispensable manufacturing equipment, the power infrastructure construction in our country, the new smart grid, new energy industry necessary based products. Wire and cable industry occupy the domestic electrical industry 1 / 4 output value, the second largest industry in the automotive industry in our country, China's wire and cable production has surpassed the United States, as the largest wire and cable production country in the world. The wire and cable industry in the upstream raw material supply enterprises, such as copper rod, aluminum rod and other cable material application in the enterprise, in the cable industry, more consumers, including grid, cars, machinery manufacturing, railway transportation, aerospace, household appliances, such as.

  flexible cable classification and enterprise profit model

  According to the National Bureau of statistics classification, wire and cable industry is a mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing industry. Classification by use, the main products include power cables, bare wire, winding wires, cables, communication cables and optical fiber cable. Wire and cable products by voltage level, can be divided into low, medium, high pressure, high pressure, high voltage, etc.. In our country, the 110kV and below known for low voltage distribution voltage, power step-down treatment, according to some distribution to the user; between 1 000 kV 110 kV voltage is known as transmission voltage, electric energy remote transmission function. In 220kV, 110kV voltage, high voltage, 330kV--voltage high voltage 750kV voltage grade transmission, UHV AC and DC positive and negative voltage 660kV level above said uhv.