Whether the wire is good for a single share or a good for multiple shares


Technical Information



First, the difference between single and multiple shares of wire

In fact, it is easy to understand literally that each wire of a single strand of wire is composed of a single thick wire, also called a hard wire; and each wire of a multi-strand wire is composed of a plurality of thin copper wires. A wire composed of silk, also called a cord.

Second, is the decoration suitable for single-strand or 1. Construction: Multi-strand wire is easy to construct

1, Since the single-strand wire is made of a thick copper wire, it is a bit harder than the multiple strands, so it is relatively difficult to thread the thread when the thread is threaded; and the stranded wire is much easier when threading.

2, heat dissipation: multi-strand wire cooling has certain advantages

The multi-strand wire is composed of a plurality of thin copper wires, and there is a certain gap between the copper wire and the copper wire, so the heat dissipation has certain advantages.

3. Is it easy to oxidize: single strands are not easily oxidized

We can check the long-term use of multiple strands of wire, and some of the thin copper wire of many strands of wire has been oxidized and broken, so that the cross-sectional area of the wire is reduced, which increases the safety hazard of electricity consumption; For a single strand of wire, only the surface portion will be oxidized, while the middle portion will not be oxidized and more durable.

4, the price: single-strand price is relatively cheap


The multi-strand line is composed of a plurality of thin copper wires. At the time of production and processing, the process is slightly more complicated, so the cost is also a little higher; while the single-strand wire is relatively cheaper.


Through the above analysis, the use of single-strand line has certain advantages, and in terms of installation convenience, multi-strand line dominates. Therefore, for the owners, it is recommended that you choose the line of single stocks. From the perspective of the installer, more masters are willing to choose multiple stocks.