Cable Installation - Connection Precautions


Technical Information



Single-strand aluminum core and copper wire with copper wire with a large difference between the cross-sectional size of coarse copper joints for large cross-sectional size of coarse joints, hexagonal hydraulic connection pad should be used, and Not suitable for crimping. For example: 16mm and 30mm copper wire connection. Imitation of this, but also on the branch joints hydraulic connection. Newly built rated voltage 1KV and below overhead insulated distribution lines do not allow winding connection, but should be used clamps, connecting pipe connection. When the line is LGJ-400/65 and within the wire, with 100t hydraulic crimping machine work; and LGJ-500/45 and within the wire, with 200t hydraulic crimping machine is appropriate.

Hydraulic connection should be aligned when the upper and lower mold, the tube should be flat end, nozzle and imprint to coincide. After the pressure is over the tube when the flash should be filed and polished. After pressure tube should not have obvious distortion and bending, or should be straightened. For pliers can not be crimped, hydraulically connected overhead lines, explosion-pressure method can be connected, but the pipeline must be highly clean.