Aluminum cable applications


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Aluminum cable has been widely used in high-rise buildings, civil buildings, hotels, hospitals, theaters, convention centers, libraries, museums, government agencies, financial centers, radio and television centers, sports centers, mining, petrochemical, airports, tunnels, Subway, light rail, underground garage, air defense, ships, offshore oil platforms, aerospace, steel metallurgy, shopping malls, parking and other occasions.

Airport Airports Embody unique safety challenges that safety systems must first consider when designing airports. In real life, a fire at an airport often leads to horrors and chaos caused by smog and a lack of electricity. Therefore, fire pump delivery circuit, emergency equipment and fire alarm system circuit in the fire are very important and must keep the line intact.

Tall buildings Due to the slow reaction of personnel in high-rise buildings and panic and confusion caused by smog and lack of electricity supply, the evacuation of high-rise buildings is largely undetermined. For this reason, the emergency lines and fire alarm warning lines are the most important lines in a fire and must be kept intact.

Ancient Buildings For ancient buildings, fire protection must be the primary consideration in addition to its modernization and upgrading of facilities that do not allow for extensive remodeling of buildings. Flexible aluminum alloy cables offer unique solutions including fire survival cables to ensure emergency line power supply before, during and after a fire and can be installed in very narrow and rotating locations.

Military science From the line of sealing, to radiation protection, to explosion-proof, flexible aluminum alloy cable can provide a unique solution. The unique toughness, small size and flexibility make the aluminum cable to meet the narrow cable space in military equipment.

Petrochemicals When a circuit breaker in a chemical plant does not operate properly, the damage caused by the fire can quickly expand to a catastrophic extent. In case of fire, flexible aluminum cables withstand temperatures up to 950 ° C to ensure complete control of all power, control valves and emergency equipment.

Subway tunnels Accidents and fires in subways and tunnels can be very real and immutable threats. In these high-risk environments, good engineering practices require the highest level of safety. The characteristics of a flexible aluminum alloy cable are best suited for tunnel and metro applications and no other cable can be compared to it.

Continued exposure to electrical applications accelerates the aging properties of normal cables in high temperature environments, often leading to embrittlement and premature failure of the insulation over time. Flexible aluminum cables provide a solution because they consist of inorganic compounds that ensure system integrity.

When the normal circuit of the medical facility is out of work, the emergency generator is activated, it is the backbone of the system, gaining time for the safe evacuation of personnel and powering the life-saving and fire-fighting systems. Flexible aluminum alloy cable in the emergency power supply lines, including fire pumps, exhaust fans, fire elevators, fire alarm systems provide a safe guarantee.