The Difference Between LSZH Cable And Ordinary Power Cable


Technical Information



Low-smoke halogen-free cables refer to environment-friendly cables that are made of rubber without halogen (F, Cl, Br, I, At) and without lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and other environmental substances.

This product is suitable for AC, rated voltage below 450/750V and they usually used in  the subway, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, theaters, power stations, chemical plants, urban plazas and other utilities on the cable flame retardant properties demanding occasions. Cable halogen-free low-smoke, low-halogen low smoke characteristics, when the fire occurs, the spread of slow, low smoke concentration, high visibility, the release of harmful gases small, easy to evacuate. Burning gas corrosion is small, but also to avoid damage to equipment, low halogen, halogen-free properties, making the cable material aging resistance and UV resistance and other greatly enhanced radiation performance, thereby extending cable life.This is the main differences than ordinary cable,such as XLPE power cable, PVC power cable.

The fire is ruthless, but when the fire encounters electricity will erupt even more serious disaster, because halogen contains flame retardant polymer, so it became the dominant flame retardant cable, but with the rapid progress of science and technology Halogen combustion of toxic and corrosive gases released has also become a criticism, so LSZH cables conform to the market. So what is the difference between a professional LSZH cable and an ordinary cable?

1. Cables will not release halogen acid gas

Because ordinary cables contain halogen, the large amount of halogen acid gas that is released in the event of a fire and burns, is highly corrosive and therefore significantly hampered firefighters' fire fighting efforts and will Aggravate the spread of the fire. Halogen-free cables, which are halogen-free, therefore do not release halogen acid gases when they are burned, thus helping to increase the efficiency of fire fighting.

The combustion of flue gas is very small

Since ordinary cables emit a large amount of smoke during combustion, workers are obstructed and smoke also pollutes the environment. Compared with ordinary insulated cables, LSZH cables are burning Only very light-weight fumes are emitted, and the amount of smoke emitted should also be recognized as "low-smoke".

3. They have a large bending radius as laying

In order to be able to further enhance the electrical and mechanical properties of LSZH cables in order to ensure better power transmission quality, LSHL Cable bending radius greater.

These are the main differences between LSZH cables and normal cables. This shows that good quality LSZH cables can ensure good power transmission quality. Moreover, when an unexpected fire breaks down, it can not only effectively delay the spread of fire and protect other important equipment, but also does not produce toxic Gas and a lot of smoke, which can create good conditions for fire fighting and fire fighting.