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At present, ordinary PVC cloth wire (BV) applications still dominate with the development of wire and cable industry , but also have developed a new type of wiring for construction projects. Here mainly introduce 4 kinds new type cable and wire.

1. Cross-linked polyolefin insulated wire (such as model BYJ)

As mentioned above, the superiority of cross-linked materials has been widely recognized, many countries have cross-linking technology used in the field of wire, replace the PVC wire as a building wire, and show great advantages. There are some manufacturers inside and outside the province can produce cross-linked wire products, and has achieved production costs and BV basically flat. Cross-linked wire is more ideal for new construction with cloth wire, Europe and the United States is vigorously promote the use of national wire and cable industry, "15" development plan will expand the application of cross-linked wire applications in the main line of development goals. The project in the province is in the initial stage.

2. Environmental protection cable (with flame retardant ecological material cable, also known as EM cable)

From a technical point of view, environmentally friendly cable is a higher stage of wire and cable products, in line with the trend of the times and development trends, once the advent of the widespread attention, Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries have developed a series of product production and application standards, Vigorously promote the application. Environmentally friendly cable is characterized by:

a. Halogen-free, combustion does not produce harmful gases and corrosive gases;

b. Burning less smoke;

c. With the current polyolefin cable the same flame retardant properties;

d. Does not contain lead and other heavy metals, does not contain environmental hormones, do not pollute the soil;

e. Can be reused.

3. Nylon sheathed wire (such as model BVN)

International traditional building wiring with electric wire is divided into two categories: one type of PVC wire, mainly Europe, Japan, Australia, etc .; the other to the United States, North America as the representative, mainly using polyvinyl chloride insulation nylon Sheathed wire. It should be noted that the US nylon jacket wire application is from the development of PVC wire, evolved, has nearly 40 years of history, a few years ago the market share of up to 90%. Nylon has a soft armor, said, compared with the PVC wire, mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical stability, tensile, wear resistance outstanding;

4. Prefabricated branch cable

Prefabricated branch cable developed by Japan, the mid-1990s began to introduce China. Just a few years, some domestic manufacturers have mastered and solved the relevant key technologies and manufacturing processes, product performance and quality has reached international standards, and in the construction has been widely used. Compared with the plug-in bus-bar, the insulation, waterproof, seismic, branch reliability and economic index of the prefabricated branch cable are very prominent, especially for the trunk-type power distribution system with stable load, and the application prospect of construction is very broad.