High-speed ETHERLINE® cables make assembly even easier


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Minimum work when connecting devices, easy assembly with a single tool and a high data transmission rate: The ETHERLINE® PN CAT.6A  Fast Connect from Lapp combines all these important properties. The new high-speed cable is ideal for customers in the machinery, plant and equipment manufacturing sector and can be used in industrial and building networking wherever large data volumes have to be transmitted.

If a cable ages or is damaged in a machine or control cabinet, it usually has to be replaced quickly to prevent production stoppages or more severe consequential damage. But replacing a cable takes time. Lapp has addressed this problem: Thanks to its Fast Connect technology, the new ETHERLINE® PN CAT.6A  Fast Connect has clear advantages over other cables when it comes to installation and assembly. Thanks to a cross separator that separates the four pairs of wires and an inner sheath the cable does not need pair screening. Unlike with conventional cables, there is no need to remove a film screen from all four pairs of wires. As a result, Fast Connect cables are quick and easy to assemble. The special tool from Lapp, which prepares the cable optimally for connector assembly in a single operation, saves even more time. The new shielding also ensures a long service life.

At 10 gigabits per second, the ETHERLINE® PN CAT.6A achieves the current maximum transmission rate for copper cables in an industrial environment. All Lapp Profinet cables are compatible with one another and with those from other manufacturers. In addition to compliance with the PROFINET standard, the Lapp solution has certification for the North American market (UL certification) so no additional approval is required.

The ETHERLINE® PN Cat.6A  is available in seven versions: three for fixed installation (Type A) with flame retardant PVC sheath, halogen-free and flame retardant with FRNC sheath or with PUR sheath (halogen-free, flame retardant and with increased mechanical strength). In addition, Lapp supplies two versions for flexible use (Type B) with PVC sheath or halogen-free and flame retardant FRNC sheath, as well as two solutions for highly flexible use (Type C) with PVC sheath or PUR sheath. Four further versions have reduced dimensions for use in constricted applications. The different sheath designs and diameters allow the cables to be used in a huge range of applications.