Domestic demand for eight kinds of wire and cable larger


Industry Dynamics



01, low smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire and cable

The products are mainly used in subway, tunnels, oil platforms, ships, power plants and other important places, the relevant industries are currently in rapid development stage, which will further stimulate the demand for the product.

02, high flame retardant wire and cable

At present, most of the domestic production of flame-retardant cables are mostly C-class, B-class, A-class is still under development, which is currently a large number of high-quality projects in China there is still a big gap between the requirements for a period of time in the future development direction A grade flame retardant to achieve a full range of wire and cable

03, optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW)

Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire with communication, remote telemetry and data transmission and other functions for 110 ~ 500kV high voltage and UHV overhead transmission line management automation.

04, nuclear power station wire and cable

Nuclear power plant cables on the halogen-free, low smoke, low toxicity and other technical performance requirements are very strict. There are 276 nuclear power stations in the world, generating 343792MWh, accounting for 17% of the world's total generating capacity. In more than 10 countries, nuclear power generation accounts for 25% of the total generating capacity, which has great potential for development. Therefore, nuclear power plant cable has a good market prospects.

05, ribbon cable

The focus on the development of thin-layer digital consumer ribbon optical fiber cables in foreign countries is that the 1000-core technology is mature. Optical fiber cables with diameters ranging from 2000 cores to 4000 cores and over 6000 cores are being developed. Although China started late in this area but has developed rapidly, In order to meet the needs of the development of information highway project.

06, intelligent building with broadband, local area network cable

The product also has the transmission of telephone, fax, video phone, burglar alarm and other signal functions, also known as electronic cable. The product in the United States has accounted for more than 20% of all insulated cables. With the rapid development of smart buildings, computer industrialization and information expressway projects in China, the demand for the cables will also be on the rise.

07, high-performance winding wire

Domestic enameled wire B-class polyester enameled wire still accounts for 90%, while in Japan its share has dropped to below 30%, while domestic products in size control, performance indicators, etc., with foreign similar products have a certain gap. Future technology development should focus on high-performance, multi-layer composite structure and fine enameled wire.

08, submersible pump cable

Submersible pump cable is a companion product of the oil pump. With the vigorous exploitation of the Northwest Oilfield and the further exploration of potential in the old oilfield, the high temperature resistance of the submersible pump cable is more demanding. The domestic production capacity has developed rapidly, but there is still a gap between product quality and life expectancy. In the future, we should devote ourselves to improving the quality and developing submersible pump wire and cable with higher temperature rating.

The future of the future, the changing economic landscape, the cable industry is also facing the development and progress, maybe a decade ago, the uproar of the "industry consolidation" is the final outlet may also be uncertain. In recent years, the state has continuously increased investment in and construction of electric power, making relevant industries also entered a leapfrog development period. Look forward to China's wire and cable industry with a new attitude based on the world.