Copper price in 2017


Industry Dynamics



At the beginning of this year, the macro-environment in China and abroad was  good  with many copper supply disruptions in the world. The tightening of supply and demand led to the rise of the copper price. Beginning in March, the price of copper is intertwined in the long and short run, mixed with weakness. As the market speculation on the Fed's rate hike incident, the dollar index all the way stronger, copper prices under pressure, in addition, the inventory surge and the global copper mine production and other negative factors attack, the copper price trend under further pressure, the basic weak decline . In July, copper started to exert its force. During this period, the market basically was good and seven class scrapped copper was banned to import. The market worried about the shortage of copper supplies. The price of copper started to blow up and the price rose sharply. In addition, the global PMI index performed better overall and the market repaired the global economy Pessimistic expectations, the International Monetary Fund IMF raised its global economic growth expectations, the global generally optimistic about China's demand, boosting the consumption of refined copper, copper prices higher volatility. In November, the face of seasonal off-season consumption, and the Fed rate hike in December incident, weak copper shocks, a certain degree of callback, the Fed rate hike boots landing, the price of copper stabilized along the uptrend channel continued strong operation.