Control cable performance characteristics


Technical Information



1. DC resistance: 20 ° C, 0.4 mm copper wire, less than or equal to 148 Ω / km, 0.5 mm copper wire, less than or equal to 95 Ω / km.

2. Insulation electrical strength: 1min between conductors 1kv does not breakdown conductor and shield 1min 3kv does not breakdown

3. Insulation resistance: Each core wire is grounded with the other cores, the control cable is greater than 10000 MΩ.km, and the HYAT cable is greater than 3000 MΩ.km.

4. Working capacitance: average 52±2nF/km

5. Far-end crosstalk defense: The average power of the specified combination is greater than 69dB/km at 150kHZ.